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All about silver jewellery - You deserve the best

Lustre. Versatility. Durability. There are many reasons why silver has remained a timeless statement of style and elegance. In recent years this beautiful metal has re-emerged as the material of choice for designers and fashionistas alike. But with the resurgence in the popularity of silver, a slew of pale imitations have surfaced.


Never settle for cheap silver plated jewellery. You deserve the best: 

  • It will stain your skin green.
  • It will lose it's shine quickly, and you can't get it back.
  • Lots of people have reactions to the other metals used.

Silver-plated jewellery has a glossy finish and a tempting price tag when new, but don’t be fooled. After a bit of wear that gleaming surface will become worn and shabby, and you may find it leaves your skin a sickly green or black colour when removed.


Why does silver plated jewellery stain skin green and lose its shine?

This is because silver-plated jewellery is a cheap alternative to sterling silver.

Sterling silver (also known as 925 sterling silver), is solid, high quality and real silver. Silver plated jewellery however uses a very thin layer of actual silver stretched over a cheap base metal like copper, brass, or nickel.


Cheap metals save you money, but what else do they do?

Copper is the main culprit for causing nasty skin discolouration, but all these cheap metals may cause irritation or leave unwanted marks. They react with the natural oils of your skin, sweat, and other substances they come into contact with, such as hand-cream and soap.

Many of our customers have complained that, in addition to discolouration, silver-plate has left their skin feeling sore and inflamed. This is because many cheaper metals, such as brass and nickel, are natural irritants and allergens.

Sterling silver will never stain your skin, so you can wear silver jewellery with confidence and without consequence.


So how do you know whether you’re buying solid silver or silver-plate?

Any expert can tell the difference just by handling it, but there are several clues that may lead you to suspect that your jewellery is not the real deal.

For example, all silver tarnishes over time and with exposure, but with sterling silver you can simply wipe away the tarnished layer and reveal a shine as brilliant as the day you bought it. If it is silver-plated, however, you will soon wipe away parts of the thin silver layer and expose bits of the cheap metal below.

Interesting fact: This kind of damage with cheap jewellery is called bleeding.

Skin discolouration will often occur even when the cheaper base metals are still obscured by the thin silver layer, but once your silver-plated jewellery starts bleeding, not only will it begin to look shabby and worn, it will also further aggravate any staining or irritation.


The best way to ensure your silver jewellery is genuine?

The best precaution you can take is to only buy your silver from reputable sources and look out for the "925" stamp of quality. All our silver items here at Black Fox proudly bear this mark.


Is silver plated jewellery worth anything?

As soon as silver-plated jewellery begins to bleed it becomes worthless. Its worn appearance will ensure it loses all resale value, and it contains so little actual silver that it will not be worth the refining costs to redeem the silver.


Does silver jewellery keep its value well?

Buying solid, 925 sterling silver, on the other hand, is an investment in a product that will never lose its value. Because of the superior quality of sterling silver, any item made from it will never lose its brilliance, and it can often be resold or refined with little to no loss in value.


So why doesn’t everyone buy sterling silver jewellery?

Well, the fact is, most high-street retailers charge serious money for solid silver jewellery, because they know many customers will pay up for the superior quality of these items. So, if you’re shopping for style on a budget you might think you have to resign yourself to silver-plate.

But don’t despair.


Can I get genuine, beautiful solid silver jewellery for a good, fair price?

Here at Black Fox, we believe that you should be able to buy beautiful jewellery at a fair, reasonable price so you can enjoy the finest things that you deserve.

We offer an affordable range of solid 925 sterling silver jewellery that has all the quality of top-end retailers, without the top-end price tag.

We have thousands of innovative and classic designs in sterling silver for rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more! We ensure all our jewellery is affordably priced, and, what’s more, we refuse to stock any silver-plated items.

We want everything our customers purchase to be both a beautiful accessory and an investment in lasting excellence.


Do you have any questions or want more information?

If you have any questions at all about the quality of our jewellery, please don’t hesitate to contact one our team at If for any reason you should be unhappy with the quality of the items you purchase at Black Fox, feel free to contact us and we will gladly provide you with a full refund.


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