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All about gold jewellery - the finest things for you

Gold has forever been a symbol of wealth, beauty, and elegance. There is a primal allure in the deep, warm lustre of this beautiful metal which has made it the material of choice for stunning jewellery throughout the ages.


What does "carat" or "ct" actually mean in gold?

The carat of gold jewellery describes the ratio of gold to other metals.

The carat measurement describes the purity of the gold on a scale from 0-24.

24ct is gold in its purest commercial form, with no additional metals added. 22ct describes an alloy that is 22 parts gold to 2 parts other metals.

20ct describes an alloy that is 20 parts gold, and 4 parts other metals - and so on. Generally, as the ratio of gold to other metals decreases, so does the cost of the item.


Gold jewellery today:

Today, gold remains as popular and classy as ever, and at Black Fox we stock a vast array of gold jewellery to help you find that next special piece for your collection.

Our range of solid gold pieces extends from 9ct to 18ct and covers an immense variety of styles and designs. However, with such a vast selection of gold jewellery available, we thought it would be helpful to offer you a short guide to the different types of gold pieces on offer.


About 24ct gold jewellery:

24ct gold is gold in its purest commercial form (at a minimum of 99.9% purity) but, whilst this might sound like the ideal jewellery material, it has many downsides. Pure gold tends to be soft and malleable, and so can easily become worn, dented, or misshapen.

24ct gold items are therefore not recommended for everyday use, and as they come with the highest price-tag in the world of gold jewellery, they are intended to be a truly luxurious piece for special occasions only.


What gold jewellery is more suitable for everyday wear?

For those of us who would prefer to get a little more use out of our jewellery, strength and durability can be added to gold pieces by combining them with other metals to form an alloy.

Gold alloyed in this way is still considered to be solid gold. This is because the alloy is consistent throughout the piece and retains the colour, consistency, and qualities of pure gold, but avoids the downsides of texture and durability.

Additionally, the price of gold alloy items varies depending on the ratio of actual gold in the alloy. This means gold alloy items are generally both more practical and more affordable than pure gold.


Does that mean low carat and a low gold content means bad? No!

Even lower purity gold jewellery still uses a large amount of pure gold, and is expensive to produce and purchase.

For those of us that like to ride the waves of the latest fashions and trends in jewellery, the cost of buying solid gold pieces is not always an option.

Thankfully there is still a way to furnish your collection with the latest stunning gold items on a budget.


Is gold plated jewellery worth it? If it's from a good supplier, yes!

Gold plated jewellery uses an electrochemical reaction to bond a layer of solid gold over another, cheaper, metal. This means that gold plated jewellery has exactly the same lustre and shine as solid gold pieces, but for a fraction of the price!

Not only this, but unlike other plated metals, gold plated jewellery will not cause irritation or skin discolouration. In fact, it will improve the health of your skin! Gold is inert and hypoallergenic, meaning that it will not react with your skin.


So gold wont stain, wont react - and it's actually good for my skin?

Additionally, gold is reported to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-aging properties, and is used in many skin- and hair-care products.

These beneficial properties mean that the negative side-effects often associated with wearing plated metals, such as irritation and staining of the skin, are counteracted. As such, you can confidently wear solid or plated gold jewellery safe in the knowledge that it will leave your skin feeling healthy and radiant.


Gold does however wear over time, because it is softer than other metals:

Unfortunately, solid gold will never be totally replaceable. Over time and frequent use, gold plated jewellery will begin to fade and tarnish as the base metals seep into the thin gold layer.

Faded gold plate can be replaced by some jewellers, and with proper care the lifespan of a gold plated item can last years even without refurbishment.

However, these items should not be confused for a long-term investment. If you are looking for a beautiful piece that will never lose value then there is simply no replacement for solid gold, despite its considerably greater cost.


Investment aside, the thing we all care about is your jewellery is stunning!

On the other hand, investing your money is not usually the first thing on your mind when shopping for jewellery. Rather, we are more concerned with what the latest fashionable pieces are, which items perfectly complement a particular outfit, or are perfectly suited for a special occasion.

For all these times when an exquisite piece simply cries out to you, gold plate is there to let you turn heads and look fabulous without breaking the bank.


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